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Clover Canyon RTW Fall 2016

Rozae Nichols channeled the colors and motifs of the American Southwest in a delightfully sophisticated fall…

Clover Canyon Pre-Fall 2016

Rozae Nichols took a trip through Spain — from Madrid to Seville to Barcelona — that left her "mesmerized."…

Clover Canyon RTW Spring 2016

Rozae Nichols added to her label's kaleidoscopic repertoire with an abundance of laser-cut 3-D floral…

Clover Canyon Resort 2016

Colorful hand-painted stripes and fun Sixties silhouettes were inspired by carefree memories of a California…

Clover Canyon RTW Fall 2015

Rozae Nichols was inspired by Eastern Europeans— or "the first, the original bohemians," she said.

Clover Canyon Pre-Fall 2015

Rozae Nichols was inspired by the colors and landscapes of Cape Town, South Africa.

Clover Canyon RTW Spring 2015

This season, Rozae Nichols looked to the Far East for inspiration in her charming lineup for the Los…

Clover Canyon Resort 2015

Rozae Nichols took her girls on a South American adventure for resort.

Clover Canyon RTW Fall 2014

The brand is known for its colorful engineered prints, which, for fall, were derived from the designer’s…

Clover Canyon Pre-Fall 2014

The Greek Isles offered a wealth of inspiration for Clover Canyon’s Rozae Nichols.

Clover Canyon RTW Spring 2014

This season, Rozae Nichols rediscovered Southern California for her Clover Canyon collection.

Clover Canyon Resort 2014

Inspired by Fifties Cuba, Rozae Nichols worked a fresh crop of eclectic digital prints into her collection…

Clover Canyon RTW Fall 2013

Rozae Nichols looked to the Winter Palace and the Russian ballet to inform her collection for fall.

Clover Canyon RTW Spring 2013

In her first New York show, Los Angeles-based Rozae Nichols sent out an explosion of color and patterns.