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Collina Strada RTW Fall 2022

"The Hills" may be over, but now we have "The Collinas."

Collina Strada RTW Fall 2021

Hillary Taymour used 1990s-era "Animorphs" and The RealReal to put together her smile-inducing fall…

Collina Strada RTW Spring 2021

Collina Strada gets animated for spring 2021.

Collina Strada RTW Spring 2020

Hillary Taymour's goal of highlighting environmental issues for Collina Strada was admirable, but the lineup…

Collina Strada RTW Fall 2018

Collina Strada aimed to use her latest collection, and fashion in general, as a platform to lift up humanity…

Collina Strada Fall 2017

Designer Hillary Taymour explored terraforming on Mars for fall.

Collina Strada RTW Spring 2017

The collection updated classic workwear into gender-fluid silhouettes.

Collina Strada RTW Fall 2015

Hillary Taymour presented her sophomore effort for Collina Strada amid mirrors from her Social + Studies home…