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Colville RTW Spring 2023

Designers Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy always take a 360-degree approach, so the colorful, printed…

Colville Fall 2022 Review

Colville co-founders Chambers and Molly Molloy have leveraged their love of color, craft and pattern, …

Colville RTW Spring 2022 

The collection was full of clean lines, upcycled fabrics and pulsating patterns and prints.

Colville RTW Fall 2021

"The collection is about women designing for women and clothes that are meant to be worn and enjoyed,"…

Colville RTW Spring 2021

Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers wanted to offer sensuous clothes, made for dancing and celebrating.

Colville RTW Fall 2020

Fall was a combination of rough-edged, vintage and crafty.

Colville RTW Spring 2020

Molly Molloy, Kristin Forss and Lucinda Chambers presented a great collection, perfectly combining the…