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Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2022

Rei Kawakubo returned to her dark roots, showing a nearly all-black collection of bulbous shapes and…

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2022

Rei Kawakubo showed a pared-down collection that emphasized volume in its shapes, prints and patterns.

Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2021

Rei Kawakubo showed a series of outsized black and white dresses that brought to mind fantastical stories

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2021

Rei Kawakubo searched for positivity in dissonance by contrasting unexpected textiles and prints.

Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2020

Rei Kawakubo mined a verdant world — her own.

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2020

For Act II of her operatic "Orlando" trilogy, Rei Kawakubo let loose with an extravagant riff on the…

Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2019

Beneath the threatening rubber armor and executioner's hoods, one could discern the baseline of real clothes…

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2019

In an emotional collection, Rei Kawakubo looked inward and found herself "fumbling around in the dark."

Comme des Garçons Men’s Spring 2019

With everybody doing so much sportswear, that Rei Kawakubo focused on the suit was very refreshing.

Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2018

In an exploration of camp inspired by Susan Sontag, Rei Kawakubo delivered an ode to joy at Comme des Garçons.

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2018

Rei Kawakubo delivered one of the season's two best sightings so far. She's in good company.

Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2017

Candy for the eye and food for the fashion brain, Rei Kawakubo's fall show was about "the future of…

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2017

Rei Kawakubo's two-word backstage brief on her spring Comme des Garçons collection was, "Invisible clothes."

Comme des Garçons RTW Fall 2016

Intrepid invention characterizes Comme des Garçons' fall collection.

Comme des Garçons RTW Spring 2016

With "blue witch" as her theme, Rei Kawakubo did what she does for Comme des Garçons: confound and intrigue.