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Costume National RTW Fall 2016

Ennio Capasa returns to his Nineties heydays, hoping to rekindle the impulses that propelled Costume National…

Costume National Pre-Fall 2016

Masculine and feminine pieces were juxtaposed in this collection infused with a urban, modern feel.

Costume National RTW Spring 2016

Ennio Capasa went against the current mix-and-match fashion tide with a cohesive and subtly sensual spring…

Costume National Resort 2016

Designer Ennio Capasa drew on both masculine and feminine influences for resort, with a Seventies influence.

Costume National RTW Fall 2015

Ennio Capasa harked back to his Goth-tinged designs in the Nineties.

Costume National Pre-Fall 2015

Capasa filled his lineup with tailored suiting and outerwear in contrasting colors of black, white and camel…

Costume National RTW Spring 2015

It was a brisk and confident show, soundtracked by rock bands Ennio Capasa is convinced will hit the big…

Costume National Resort 2015

Costume National brought a rock ’n’ roll attitude to resort with a lineup that included asymmetric cutaway…

Costume National RTW Fall 2014

The clothes contrasted the masculine and feminine by mixing tailoring with more casual shapes.

Costume National Pre-Fall 2014

Creative director Ennio Capasa delivered a collection geared toward urban-arty-intellectual types.

Costume National RTW Spring 2014

Ennio Capasa built his lineup on the same idea as past seasons, looking to various…

Costume National Resort 2014

Ennio Capasa had references from the Nineties such as lingerie details, biker jackets and men’s wear…

Costume National RTW Fall 2013

Ennio Capasa's collection was partly inspired by China’s Miao tribe.

Costume National Pre-Fall 2013

Biker, military and tuxedo motifs were the key elements for the brand's collection.

Costume National RTW Spring 2013

Ennio Capasa largely worked in a black palette, but the few colored exits — particularly the fuchsia and red…