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Costume National Resort 2013

Ennio Capasa moved his dark, new wave message from fall further into the post-punk movement.

Costume National RTW Fall 2012

Ennio Capasa quite literally took a dark turn for fall with an almost-all-black lineup that played out…

Costume National Pre-Fall 2012

Ennio Capasa looked to layered constructions and architecture as starting points for his collection.

Costume National RTW Spring 2012

The economy may be troubled, but Ennio Capasa is viewing next spring through rose-tinted glasses.

Costume National Resort 2012

Designer Ennio Capasa looked to rock ’n’ roll and motorcycling for resort.

Costume National RTW Fall 2011

Silhouettes came supremely clean and linear.

Costume National Pre-Fall 2011

Ennio Capasa looked to the Seventies with an ode to classic American sportswear.

Costume National RTW Spring 2011

Ennio Capasa sent out colors so deeply saturated, they probably will have television viewers adjusting their…

Costume National Resort 2011

Ennio Capasa gives his trademark tailored pieces a more relaxed fit this season.

Costume National RTW Fall 2010

Ennio Capasa’s merch-friendly rock ’n’ roll creations took on an organic New Age twist, pairing skinny pants…

Costume National RTW Spring 2010

Ennio Capasa delivered the sexy, rock-inspired glamour for which his Costume National brand is known.

Costume National Resort 2010

Resort is all about travel, and this season Ennio Capasa went on a journey through the desert.

Costume National RTW Fall 2009

Ennio Capasa has a thing for the hard-soft look in futuristic fabrics and sleek cuts.

Costume National RTW Spring 2009

In the Costume National program notes, Ennio Capasa said that he wanted to find a "play of opposites between…

Costume National Resort 2009

Ennio Capasa worked a chic Thirties-meets-Eighties vibe for his lineup of strong suits and flirty cocktail…