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Cyclas RTW Fall 2019

For her first collection on the official schedule, the Japanese designer chose to contrast textures rather…

Cyclas RTW Spring 2019

This elegant, wearable collection had just the right dose of cerebral edge.

Cyclas RTW Fall 2018

Keiko Onose added touches of eccentricity to her Cyclas wardrobe for fall.

Cyclas RTW Spring 2018

Keiko Onose contrasted tonal looks with color-clash ensembles in her pared-back spring collection.

Cyclas Resort 2018

Keiko Onose offered up artfully crafted pieces with slightly more structured shapes than in the past and…

Cyclas RTW Fall 2017

The designer capitalized on her experience as a buyer for a collection of luxury essentials with unexpected…

Cyclas Pre-Fall 2017

Tokyo-based designer Keiko Onose twisted high-end fabrics into ample, often asymmetric shapes by altering…

Cyclas RTW Spring 2017

The modern, romantic collection had a classical elegance.

Cyclas Resort 2017

The lineup of luxe essentials showed personality without shouting.