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Cynthia Steffe Resort 2013

The contemporary label is now focusing on dresses, and the resort lineup included some lovely options for…

Cynthia Steffe RTW Spring 2012

Designer Shaun Kearney thought of a globe-trotting girl.

Cynthia Steffe Resort 2012

Shaun Kearney’s resort collection was inspired by retro girls on a sunny beach day.

Cynthia Steffe RTW Fall 2011

Sean Kearney offered a luxurious yet youthful array of looks.

Cynthia Steffe RTW Spring 2011

Shawn Kearney’s lineup drew from retro jet-set glamour but he should have stayed away from some of the dowdy…

Cynthia Steffe RTW Fall 2010

Awash in rich browns and creams, Cynthia Steffe's clothes evoked a fresh take on preppy basics.

Cynthia Steffe RTW Spring 2010

Creative director Shaun Kearney knows just how to satisfy the Cynthia Steffe customer while nudging her into…

Cynthia Steffe Resort 2010

Creative director Shaun Kearney wanted to convey a relaxed spirit for Cynthia Steffe resort.

Cynthia Steffe RTW Fall 2009

Tipping his hat subtly to the glam-rock era of Bowie and company, Shaun Kearney worked a deft balance between…

Cynthia Steffe RTW Spring 2009

The Steffe girl was Saint-Tropez-bound this time out, her wardrobe full of flowery print tiered skirts…

Cynthia Steffe RTW Fall 2008

It was hard to see the supposed jazz inspiration, or really any inspiration...