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Daizy Shely RTW Spring 2019

Daizy Shely had the right ingredients in her spring show, but her ratios were off.

Daizy Shely RTW Fall 2018

Daizy Shely's fall collection had the makings of the kind of bad-taste, Nineties nostalgia, club-kid thing…

Daizy Shely RTW Spring 2018

An arty print, as well as PVC sequins and colorful fringes injected a fresh, playful feel in this collection.

Daizy Shely RTW Fall 2017

The designer said she was inspired by powerful women like Queen Elizabeth I and a vampire Catherine Deneuve…

Daizy Shely RTW Spring 2017

Mirrored sequins, eyelet, watercolors, python skin and ruffles were combined in this collections, which…

Daizy Shely RTW Spring 2016

Israeli designer Aliza Shalali Deizy showed a collection inspired by aerial pictures of the ocean.