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Damir Doma Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The designer exhibited 12 looks, there for everyone to touch, plus a video depicting “real men” wearing the…

Damir Doma RTW Fall 2014

Working a strict/soft contrast, the designer demonstrated commercial savvy with a fall collection of fashiony…

Damir Doma Men’s RTW Fall 2014

The designer’s texture-based collection was packed with strong outerwear options for fall.

Damir Doma Pre-Fall 2014

The designer subtly combined colors and texture and shifted his shapes between chic and sporty, all with a…

Damir Doma RTW Spring 2014

The collection had a welcome polish and sophistication.

Damir Doma Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Papery fabrics and a limited palette gave Doma’s familiar, generous shapes a clinical, uniform flavor.

Damir Doma Resort 2014

Known for his modern Gothic aesthetic, Doma worked a softer, more feminine angle this time.

Damir Doma RTW Fall 2013

The designer took a futuristic turn with a collection informed by “neo-corporate workwear" — think modern-day…

Damir Doma Men’s RTW Fall 2013

With this nostalgic take on winter sports, Damir Doma shed the overtly ethnic influences of his earlier…

Damir Doma Pre-Fall 2013

The designer used masculine fabrics such as chunky corduroy, light denim and black leather, some mixed with…

Damir Doma RTW Spring 2013

For spring, the designer sent out crisp, white judo blazers and cotton gabardine winked to the Orient.

Damir Doma Men’s RTW Spring 2013

This elegant collection was rich in artsy textures and ethnic touches while also revealing a sportier side.

Damir Doma Resort 2013

The designer worked fabrics and knits into patchworks and colorblocking, echoing the paintings of Mondrian…

Damir Doma RTW Fall 2012

Nomadic at heart, the collection handily referenced a sweep of geography and history.

Damir Doma Men’s RTW Fall 2012

The collection had a regal, nomadic feel, with fur vests, silk shirts with flowing trains and loose-fitting…