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Daniel W. Fletcher Men’s Fall 2019

Fletcher's slim silhouettes had a Sixties — and sporty — feel, inspired in part by the photographer John…

Daniel Fletcher Men’s Spring 2019

Fletcher breaks free from the restraints of the workweek with a twisted, sadistic take on classic tailoring.

Daniel Fletcher Men’s Fall 2018

Daniel Fletcher looked to the Eighties and wanted to express freedom in his own way.

Daniel W. Fletcher Men’s Spring 2018

Fletcher played with British heritage, youthful streetwear and some outré sportswear staples, rendering this…

Daniel W. Fletcher Men’s Fall 2017

The Sixties and Seventies - eras of protest and social upheaval - struck a chord with Daniel Fletcher, who…

Daniel Fletcher Spring 2017

No stranger to voicing his political views, Daniel Fletcher's show took the form or a flash protest in…