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Davi Paris Men’s Fall 2022

Davide Marello injected sensuality into his moody prints, inspired by a clandestine Paris by night.

Davi Paris Men’s Spring 2022

Davide Marello drew on the secret language of flowers to make his collection of laid-back staples spell out…

Davi Paris Men’s Fall 2021

Davide Marello's third offering was full of charming, well-executed options but didn't quite gel into a…

Davi Paris Men’s Spring 2021

Davide Marello wrote a bucolic coming-of-age story set against the last days of summer.

Davi Men’s Fall 2020

Davide Marello's mesmerizing prints looked particularly good in muted winter colors.

Davi Men’s Spring 2020

Designer Davide Marello added a few contemporary pieces, such as a bomber jacket and the brand's first pair…

Davi Men’s Fall 2019

Davide Marello updated Italian botanical prints from the Forties and Fifties and turned them into modern…