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David Hart Men’s Spring 2021

The designer created a conceptual collection based on the artwork of Peter Halley.

David Hart Men’s Spring 2020

David Hart was one of the designers participating in New York Men’s Day. For full review, click here: NYFW…

David Hart Men’s Fall 2019

The designer is now part of the Groupe incubator concept.

David Hart Men’s Spring 2019

The designer was inspired by the Watergate era.

David Hart Men’s Fall 2018

The designer took a less-dressy approach this season.

David Hart Men’s Spring 2018

The designer referenced Cuba for his retro-themed, colorful collection.

David Hart Men’s Fall 2017

David Hart has always had an affinity for eveningwear, but this season his collection was exclusively…

David Hart Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Tailored pieces were still a key part of the collection — a blazer covered in a palm print was a standout…

David Hart Men’s RTW Fall 2016

While the collection was referential to the past the overall effect felt modern and palatable.

David Hart Men’s RTW Spring 2016

The graphic prints that originated during the Bauhaus movement in the Twenties and Thirties in Germany were…

David Hart Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The American Southwest and spaghetti Westerns of the late 1960s served as the main inspiration for fall.

David Hart Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The designer brings back the fashionable Fifties for his latest presentation.

David Hart Men’s RTW Fall 2014

The designer continued his trip down memory lane, inspired this season by the cult TV classic "The Twilight…

David Hart Men’s RTW Spring 2014

For spring, he fashioned a Fifties-tinged collection that balanced natty tailoring with pleated shorts…