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David Koma RTW Fall 2018

David Koma interpreted traditional Native American dress for fall.

David Koma RTW Spring 2018

An uncanny marriage between boxing staples and couture fabrics informed this energetic lineup.

David Koma Resort 2018

Koma delievered a vibrant lineup filled with bright color, bold embellishments and graphic motifs.

David Koma RTW Fall 2017

David Koma was in a combative mood, as he took cues from the chokha, a centuries-old "warrior dress," worn by…

David Koma RTW Spring 2017

The designer etched an imperial Russian theme within the narrow framework of his sharp and sexy aesthetic.

David Koma Resort 2017

Fifties fashions and the German artist Heinz Mack inspired a collection of contrasts.

David Koma RTW Fall 2016

The designer took on a trio of references: tailoring, modern art and metallics.

David Koma RTW Spring 2016

Skimpy tank shapes and racer backs gave an athletic cast to David Koma's spring collection, as always hinged…

David Koma Resort 2016

For David Koma's debut resort collection, the designer said he wanted to look at athleticism, "but in a…

David Koma RTW Fall 2015

“I wanted to make it a bit more carefree,” David Koma said before his fall-winter show.

David Koma RTW Spring 2015

Koma, who rarely uses color effusively, showed that he can pull off a palette that stretches beyond black and…

David Koma RTW Fall 2014

The designer piles a hard-edged, body-conscious brand of chic.

David Koma RTW Spring 2014

Short, flaring silk and jersey dresses were given a strong and graphic edge.

David Koma RTW Fall 2013

David Koma found a new sensuality in this beautifully tailored collection inspired by the shape and grooves…

David Koma RTW Spring 2013

The designer gave his body-conscious aesthetic a sporty spin with a collection inspired by female tennis…