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Delpozo RTW Fall 2019

The collection had a bigger focus on easy ready-to-wear separates, albeit retaining a sprinkling of signature…

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2019

The brand's design team delivered a chic, commercially savvy collection infused with effortless elegance and…

Delpozo RTW Spring 2019

Josep Font's focus for spring was that of lightness, in all its connotations.

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Delpozo Resort 2019

Font tapped into his artistic side using bright neon colors and playing with optical illusions.

Delpozo RTW Fall 2018

Font clearly loves a bold move, but he'd do well to keep things simple and spare — and not try to dazzle his…

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2018

Josep Font's collection was a study in contrast, color and dramatic flourish.

Delpozo RTW Spring 2018

Josep Font made the twee retro glamor of Esther Williams and Xavier Cugat into clothes for the eccentric…

Delpozo Resort 2018

Creative director Josep Font was inspired by the bright hues of natural lakes and the sweeping dance costumes…

Delpozo RTW Fall 2017

Font name-checked the works of Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai and Swiss architect and sculptor Max Bill…

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2017

Josep Font's collection combined architectural cuts and organic embellishment.

Delpozo RTW Spring 2017

Josep Font's latest collection, "Luminosity," drew from the works of two differing artists known to rely on…

Delpozo Resort 2017

Josep Font's dreamy, whimsical resort collection featured celestial and oceanic themes.

Delpozo RTW Fall 2016

Informed by Fritz Lang's 1927 sci-fi film "Metropolis" and the digital illustrations of Daria Petrilli, Josep…

Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016

Josep Font referenced the work of Luis Barragán and Nobuyoshi Araki in his beautifully modernist collection…