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Dennis Basso RTW Spring 2022

"Mykonos, Monte Carlo, San Tropez," Basso said, name checking cities that inspired his mediterranean themed…

Dennis Basso RTW Fall 2021

Basso takes a trip downtown for fall

Dennis Basso RTW Spring 2021

Airing on the side of optimism, Basso took a simpler approach for the season.

Dennis Basso RTW Fall 2020

Who is a DB girl? Basso showed 61 looks to make his case.

Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2020

The uptown designer sees a floral story heading into fall.

Dennis Basso RTW Spring 2020

Basso showed his youthful, yet still glamorous, side for spring.

Dennis Basso Resort 2020

The designer mixed colors and materials making for gowns for every type of resort occasion.

Dennis Basso RTW Fall 2019

Dennis Basso's high-low, funky-sophisticated fall collection was designed for real New York girls, wherever…

Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2019

Dennis Basso's pre-fall collection included a mash-up of simpler, sportier garb and men's wear-inspired…

Dennis Basso RTW Spring 2019

Dennis Basso's chic spring line was inspired by style icon Marella Agnelli — and Mary J. Blige is also a fan…

Dennis Basso Resort 2019

Dennis Basso's playful, candy-colored collection aimed to transport you to the South of France's Cannes Film…

Dennis Basso RTW Fall 2018

"Sportswear, daytime à la Basso," exclaimed Dennis Basso of his fall collection.

Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2018

For Dennis Basso's 35th anniversary pre-fall collection, the designer channeled the glamorous modern siren…

Dennis Basso RTW Spring 2018

The most exclusive holiday destinations inspired the spring journey of Dennis Basso, who celebrated the 35th…

Dennis Basso Resort 2018

It was sundress meets party dress at Dennis Basso's resort presentation.