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Derek Lam RTW Fall 2019

The designer delivered an impeccable, elegant lineup that featured masterfully constructed silhouettes and…

Derek Lam RTW Spring 2019

Derek Lam's collection was about clothes for his client and no other reason.

Derek Lam RTW Fall 2018

Lam does lovely American sportswear, informed by the classic but always keeping an open mind.

Derek Lam RTW Spring 2018

Natural colors and fabrics stood out in this pretty collection rooted in a urban, dynamic femininity.

Derek Lam Resort 2018

Finding inspiration in Morocco, Derek Lam turned out a resort collection that;s "a little bir Ilsa and a…

Derek Lam RTW Fall 2017

Derek Lam delivered a chic, realistic wardrobe for elegant, urban women.

Derek Lam RTW Spring 2017

Derek Lam scaled back and simplified for spring with a Georgia O'Keeffe-inspired collection shown intimately…

Derek Lam RTW Fall 2016

Derek Lam's fall collection was a beautiful blend of modernist and traditional luxury.

Derek Lam RTW Spring 2016

Derek Lam's muse was Nina Simone, on whom he based his beautiful collection of feminine individuality.

Derek Lam Resort 2016

Finding improbable inspiration in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 1970s off-court style, Derek Lam focused on…

Derek Lam RTW Fall 2015

Lam was inspired by New York women, specifically "Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest and those Woody Allen kind of…

Derek Lam Pre-Fall 2015

When approaching pre-fall, Lam couldn’t get a particular exhibit out of his mind, even though he’d seen it…

Derek Lam RTW Spring 2015

The designer's spring agenda was refreshingly straightforward. “An update on American sportswear,” he said…

Derek Lam Resort 2015

The designer pinpointed 1966, the year he was born, as the real root of his aesthetic.

Derek Lam RTW Fall 2014

A striking sense of color fueled the designers' fall runway.