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Dhruv Kapoor RTW Fall 2023

Here was a blend of post-streetwear clothing, with sharp tailoring and a capsule collection with the Godzilla…

Dhruv Kapoor Men’s Spring 2023

A celebration of uplifting fashion stuff, fresh and fun.

Dhruv Kapoor RTW Fall 2022

A quirky and youthful verve ran through the focused collection.

Dhruv Kapoor Men’s Fall 2022

Psychedelia and otherworldly experiences informed Kapoor's quirky-pop collection.

Dhruv Kapoor Men’s Spring 2022

With his head in the clouds, the Indian designer channeled a surrealist theme for spring.

Dhruv Kapoor Men’s Fall 2021

The Indian designer presented a joyful collection smartly combining street and formal elements.