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Dice Kayek RTW Fall 2023

There was elegance in dress but also in spirit as Ece Ege unveiled a UNICEF partnership to help children…

Dice Kayek RTW Spring 2023

Ece Ege returned to the roots of the brand, from shirting to a touch of Turkish folklore.

Dice Kayek RTW Fall 2022

Ece Ege fashioned a jubilant collection this season.

Dice Kayek RTW Spring 2022

Nature inspired this collection.

Dice Kayek RTW Fall 2021

Ece Ege was true to form, offering a stylized wardrobe with a mischievous take on good-girl dressing.

Dice Kayek RTW Spring 2021

Ece Ege went back to school with a playful spring collection.

Dice Kayek RTW Fall 2020

Ece Ege offered up a collection full of sturdy tailored silhouettes for evening with a strong personality and…

Dice Kayek RTW Spring 2020

Ece Ege channeled a 19th-century Turkish dandy with her voluminous yet structured signature.

Dice Kayek Couture Spring 2016

Designer Ece Ege created depth and interest via pure form, drawing inspiration from fairy tales.

Dice Kayek Fall Couture 2015

With a nod to the Seventies, the designer gave the lady tuxedo an update, deconstructing and putting the…

Dice Kayek Couture Spring 2015

Dice Kayek’s architectural approach to fashion was evident from the first look.

Dice Kayek Couture Fall 2014

For her debut couture collection at Dice Kayek, Ece Ege thought up a fictitious winter garden in which…

Dice Kayek RTW Spring 2009

Glitzier numbers worked best — a curvaceous jet-beaded number at Dice Kayek, whose strong-shouldered bulbous…