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Donna Karan RTW Spring 2012

The designer delivered her Haiti-inspired tribal motif sans subtlety.

Donna Karan Resort 2012

The designer is obsessed with the body, once again revisiting a form-fitting lineup of her “must-haves” for…

Donna Karan RTW Fall 2011

While the spring collection was inspired by nature’s neutral hues, this one was all about urban allure.

Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2011

The designer envisioned her pre-fall show as a two-part platform of casual and classic.

Donna Karan RTW Spring 2011

What’s remarkable is Karan's ability to constantly reimagine nature as she did for spring — a true natural…

Donna Karan Resort 2011

Donna Karan’s tranquil, fuss-free resort show was an exercise in striking sophistication anchored in pure…

Donna Karan RTW Fall 2010

Sprung from a formula, yes, but these are clothes that a woman can make her own.

Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2010

Nature comes alive as Donna Karan looks to Central Park in the fall for inspiration — leaves in all their…

Donna Karan RTW Spring 2010

Karan is interested in the marriage of gentleness with strength, and of polish with comfort, and this…

Donna Karan Resort 2010


Donna Karan RTW Fall 2009

Karan reached back to the mid-Eighties with crystal transparency for a collection that was both pretty and…

Karan: Subtle but Smokey

Charlotte Tilbury and Eugene Souleiman took over Donna Karan's airy village atelier for the second day…

Donna Karan RTW Spring 2009

Liquid assets — Donna Karan has plenty, with lovely, languid clothes that pour over the body.

Donna Karan Resort 2009

Think pink! In a girly-girl collection full of bows and plenty of flou, Donna Karan showcased a lineup of…

Donna Karan RTW Fall 2008

Among the many intentions expressed in Donna Karan's extensive program notes...