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Dries Van Noten Fall 2018 RTW

The designer tapped utilitarian sportswear, but rather than clobber you with it, he integrated it into his…

Dries Van Noten Men’s Fall 2018

Unlikely combinations went into the shaker but formed a fun, cohesive, rich but cool whole.

Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2018

Dries Van Noten turned a seemingly random mix of prints into a buoyantly cohesive whole.

Dries Van Noten Men’s Spring 2018

The designer played with off-kilter colors and prints.

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2017

Dries Van Noten marked his 100th fashion show with the clothes and the models who have telegraphed their…

Dries Van Noten Men’s Fall 2017

The designer paid homage to fabric suppliers by printing replicas of their traditional labels and logos on…

Maison Margiela, Lanvin and Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2017

All three houses offered exhilarating collections that were a heady exploration of creative unsettling.

Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2017

Dries Van Noten, Maison Margiela, Lanvin: All three houses offered exhilarating collections that were a heady…

Dries Van Noten Men’s Spring 2017

The designer borrowed romantic floral visuals from Kelmscott Manor to produce a collection that was…

Dries Van Noten Fall RTW 2016

Dries Van Noten showed a collection inspired by the high-style decadence of the Marchesa Casati and her lover…

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The designer left no stone unturned to communicate his new model army's nonconformist nature.

Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2016

A powerful exuberance permeated the designer's spring collection as he mixed elegantly tailored bohemianism…

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Spring 2016

The spring collection was splashed with black-and-white photo prints of the ultimate Hollywood bombshell…

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2015

In homage to "the true style icons of recent generations," Dries Van Noten served up a spectacular fashion…

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW 2015

With just the right doses of Eastern exotica, Dries Van Noten coaxed wonderment at his men’s show.