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Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Dries Van Noten took the elements of a dancer’s rehearsal, performance and backstage wardrobes and created a…

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2014

The designer's fall collection was audacious and practical in equal measure, making for powerful…

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Fall 2014

The streetwear trend is gathering steam in Paris, and the designer took to the task with gusto.

Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2014

Spring was a mélange of disparate elements brought into clear, fabulous focus.

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The subject of an exhibition next year at Les Arts Décoratifs, the Belgian designer has already dug into the…

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2013

The designer decided to focus on mannish tailoring in precise cuts, outsized proportions and traditional…

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The designer had a major hit with his grunge-inspired women’s show for spring, and gave his men’s collection…

Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2013

Van Noten took the young, gritty concepts of punk and grunge and transported them to a place grown-up…

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The designer didn’t hide his enthusiasm for camouflage prints for spring.

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2012

The designer has a particular gift for functioning flamboyance.

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Marrying art and fashion live on the runway, the designer commissioned Dutch artists Gijs Frieling and Job…

Dries Van Noten RTW Spring 2012

The designer was drawn to the architectural shapes of Spanish and Italian couture of the period.

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Spring 2012

The energy of sports, and the technical nature of the gear, took the designer in a modern, function-driven…

Dries Van Noten RTW Fall 2011

Fall finds the designer in an unusual place, back in the land of exotica.

Dries Van Noten Men’s RTW Fall 2011

Dries Van Noten fell in line with fall’s military fixation, but in a way that played to the Belgian…