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Duro Olowu RTW Fall 2023

Olowu's  approach is all about ease.

Duro Olowu RTW Fall 2021

"These clothes are an ode to style and to optimism — but they're not about showing off," said designer Duro…

Duro Olowu RTW Spring 2020

Olowu offered "practical yet elevated" clothes by uniting a set of different references, from dance-hall…

Duro Olowu RTW Spring 2012

One can expect a happy and upbeat collection from the designer and this season he delivered just that.

Duro Olowu RTW Fall 2011

The collection's New York debut was inspired by South American gauchos.

Duro Olowu RTW Spring 2011

The designer, who works with many vintage fabrics, offered up sleek, silk shirtwaist dresses in a black and…

Duro Olowu RTW Fall 2010

Duro Olowu’s collection incorporated the designer’s penchant for prints as well as urban-chic…

Duro Olowu RTW Spring 2009

While Duro Olowu’s signature bold, colorful prints were still the stars of the show, they were less…

Duro Olowu RTW Fall 2008

Olowu's garden of color and print was in full bloom, although the collection was leaner and more polished…