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Editions M.R Men’s Fall 2020

Louis Wong wove a boxy, more streetwise esthetic into the label's classic French silhouettes.

Editions M.R Men’s Fall 2019

Eighties accents toughened up Mathieu de Ménonville's nonchalant yet classic Parisian wardrobe.

Editions M. R. Men’s Spring 2019

Mathieu de Ménonville channeled the French Riviera in the Fifties, delivering a collection full of fluid…

Editions M.R. Men’s Fall 2018

Mathieu de Ménonville delivered a proposition that walked a line between nonchalant and preppy, decadent and…

Editions M.R Men’s Spring 2018

Mathieu de Ménonville had in mind a safari theme with an urban twist for the season.

Editions M.R Men’s Fall 2017

Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane took their references from the equestrian world for fall.

Editions M.R Men’s Spring 2017

There was an explorer vibe permeating the brand's nonchalant collection with a marine drift.

Editions M.R Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Editions M.R, formerly known as Melinda Gloss, went back to its original, inherently Parisian aesthetic.