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Edun RTW Fall 2018

Nairobi's signature customized, flamboyant boda boda motorcycle taxis served as inspiration for the…

Edun RTW Spring 2018

The collection's relaxed energy drew from beach surf culture in West Africa.

Edun Resort 2018

The colors of Ghana and artisanal handcrafted techniques were part of the formula at Edun's resort collection.

Edun RTW Fall 2017

Edun's design collective referenced Mickalene Thomas' photography book, "Muse," for fall.

Edun Pre-Fall 2017

Organic, curved lines and rich colors of a desert landscape informed the pre-fall collection.

Edun RTW Spring 2017

Harlem in the Seventies — as captured in a photograph by the late Jack Garofalo — served as the starting…

Edun Resort 2017

Edun's design team took the reigns for resort with a chic, graphic lineup that started with a Seventies image…

Edun RTW Fall 2016

Photos of wild birds building nests inspired Danielle Sherman's fall collection — and its looks that ranged…

Edun Pre-Fall 2016

Danielle Sherman was inspired by Akarova, a Belgian pioneer in avant-garde choreography.

Edun RTW Spring 2016

Danielle Sherman married references from the Kuba tribe in Africa and Thirties fashion for her Edun spring…

Edun Resort 2016

Inspired by both sub-Saharan dandies and British Teddy Boys, Danielle Sherman infused her resort collection…

Edun RTW Fall 2015

Inspired by a trip to Morocco, creative director Danielle Sherman juxtaposed European tailoring and North…

Edun Pre-Fall 2015

For Edun’s first pre-fall collection, Danielle Sherman riffed on a range of global influences.

Edun RTW Spring 2015

Danielle Sherman studied West African and Japanese textiles and delivered some appealing interpretations in…

Edun RTW Fall 2014

Creative director Danielle Sherman delivered a new take on sportswear with a great lineup of mostly casual…