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Edward Crutchley RTW Fall 2022

The fall collection centered around this idea of "a Gothic queer god" and the celebration of what some…

Edward Crutchley RTW Spring 2022

The collection approximated a visual essay on the history of London's queer culture.

Edward Crutchley Men’s Fall 2021

Compared to his bright and exuberant spring lineup, the northern England-inspired fall collection feels a bit…

Edward Crutchley RTW Spring 2021

Crutchley wanted to highlight internationalism for spring 2021, mixing English tailoring with kimono-inspired…

Edward Crutchley Men’s Fall 2020

Opulence with cultural references through time and around the world, he delivers a maximalism collection…

Edward Crutchley Spring 2020

Crutchley melded an array of references to create a strong, theatrical moment with glamorous yet fuss-free…

Edward Crutchley Men’s Fall 2019

Edward Crutchley is growing up and turning his attention to formalwear.

Edward Crutchley Spring 2019

Crutchley wanted to move on from his conceptual proposals to offer clothes that felt more "real."

Edward Crutchley Fall 2018

Crutchley took a cultural expedition and referenced "Journey to the West," a classic Chinese novel for fall.

Edward Crutchley Men’s Spring 2018

Edward Crutchley summoned a regal mood for spring.

Edward Crutchley Men’s RTW Fall 2017

An advertisement from the Seventies showing a man in a leotard was the starting point for Crutchley, who…

Edward Crutchley Men’s Spring 2017

Crutchley looked to the folklore surrounding the hills and caves near his childhood home.

Edward Crutchley RTW Men’s Fall 2016

For Edward Crutchley's first stand-alone presentation hosted by Louis Vuitton creative director Kim Jones…