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Eleventy Men’s Fall 2021

This season the Eleventy man looked for comfier options to integrate in his sartorial wardrobe.

Eleventy RTW Spring 2021

Cristina Ortiz presented a well-executed, commercially savvy collection of effortlessly chic, off-duty…

Eleventy Men’s Spring 2021

The lineup matched cozy bottoms with dressy yet lightweight tops for men working from home.

Eleventy RTW Fall 2020

The brand tapped Cristina Ortiz to give a distinctive image to its women's line.

Eleventy Men’s Fall 2020

Eleventy evolved the collection balancing consistency and innovation.

Eleventy Men’s Spring 2020

The classic sartorial tradition was updated with a urban, casual vibe in the collection presented in the…

Eleventy Men’s Fall 2018

Eleventy succeeded in its goal to make English tradition contemporary.

Eleventy Men’s Spring 2018

The Italian brand introduced swimwear, innerwear and nightwear.

Eleventy Men’s Fall 2017

The collection was easy and relaxed yet chic.

Eleventy Men’s Spring 2017

The collection offered a relaxed take on traditional Italian tailoring.

Eleventy RTW Fall 2016

The brand introduced the new Platinum line positioned in the affordable luxury segment.

Eleventy Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Formal met sportswear in Eleventy's fall collection.

Eleventy Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Eleventy continued to build on its aesthetic focused on easy-to-wear clothes rooted in the Italian tailoring…