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Ellery RTW Fall 2021

Designer Kym Ellery homed in on the idea of getting to know the city and playing with its existing sartorial…

Ellery RTW Spring 2019

Kym Ellery infused her voluminous retro-futurism with icy motifs.

Ellery Couture Spring 2018

Kym Ellery's voluminous proportions and cutout shapes were familiar territory, drawn out into more dramatic…

Ellery RTW Spring 2018

Kym Ellery's spring show was about a mash-up of early 20th-century women and females of the future.

Ellery Resort 2018

The ultrachic collection featured light Western cowboy influences.

Ellery RTW Fall 2017

Kym Ellery's fall show was about a traditional bourgeois woman who has an "electric awakening."

Ellery Pre-Fall 2017

Kym Ellery infused her lineup with elements of drama and deconstructed frills.

Ellery RTW Spring 2017

The collection channeled countercultures and subcultures; rebels, thinkers and poets.

Ellery Resort 2017

Kym Ellery took cues from the eccentric females in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 cult fantasy film “The Holy…

Ellery RTW Fall 2016

Kym Ellery released the corset's trademark barriers into total freedom for fall.

Ellery Pre-Fall 2016

Loosely inspired by Bob Fosse, Kym Ellery's pre-fall lineup featured men's wear and Seventies glam…

Ellery RTW Spring 2016

The Ellery collection showed compelling wrapping techniques that kept the clothes at all times wearable.

Ellery Resort 2016

Inspired by a retro muse who was besotted by witchcraft, Kym Ellery offered up a dark, moody resort…

Ellery RTW Fall 2015

Australian designer Kym Ellery decided to create a wardrobe for Expressionist painter Egon Schiele's nudes…

Ellery Pre-Fall 2015

Kym Ellery found her pre-fall muse in Seventies-era David Bowie.