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Emporio Armani RTW Spring 2019

The runway show was big and long — with more than 200 spring looks making their way down the catwalk in the…

Emporio Armani Resort 2019

Elegant pieces with an evening look were mixed and matched on this versatile collection of uncomplicated city…

Emporio Armani RTW Fall 2018

There were some lovely pieces here — the outerwear and tailoring, in particular.

Emporio Armani Men’s Fall 2018

The loose layering and easy lines of streetwear are hogging the men's wear conversation, so it should be…

“Grey’s Anatomy” Giacomo Gianniotti Attends Emporio Armani Show in Milan

"Grey's Anatomy" actor Giacomo Gianniotti has set up his own production company.

Emporio Armani Pre-Fall 2018

From sporty-chic to effortless formal, this collection offered a versatile city wardrobe.

Emporio Armani RTW Spring 2018

Armani brought with him bags of Italian sunshine: Iridescent fabrics, fluid silhouettes and colors straight…

Shawn Mendes Closes the Emporio Armani Show

The artist fronts the campaign for the new Emporio Armani smartwatch.

Emporio Armani Men’s Spring 2018

The Asian-inspired collection featured clever plays on layering.

Backstage Beauty: Emporio Armani Fall 2017

A collection about contrast inspired the beauty look at Emporio Armani.

Emporio Armani RTW Fall 2017

There was a lot going on in this Emporio Armani collection — and yet there were opportunities missed.

Giorgio Armani Addresses the Trumps

Armani said it would be part of his "job to dress a beautiful woman."

Emporio Armani Men’s Fall 2017

In a season where designers are re-thinking the traditional suit, Armani is having his say — and then…

Emporio Armani Pre-Fall 2017

For his younger line, Giorgio Armani refreshed the brand's signature staples by infusing them with a modern…

Emporio Armani RTW Spring 2017

The designer paraded a youthful and diverse spring collection tinged with Indian exotica.