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Erdem RTW Spring 2018

Count on Erdem Moralioglu to lift the veil on some fascinating moments in costume history. 

Erdem Resort 2018

The designer drew inspiration from surrealist artists Hannah Höch and Sylvia Fein.

Erdem RTW Fall 2017

The designer shifted his thinking this season, looking to his family's history – real and imagined - for…

Erdem RTW Spring 2017

Moralioglu packed what could be a mini-series into a parade of gorgeous dresses as frothy and romantic as the…

Erdem Resort 2017

Erdem Moralioglu's main influence were the modern girls of early 20th-century Japan, who adopted Western garb…

Erdem RTW Fall 2016

The designer paraded a collection of demure suits and dresses with an old Hollywood sheen.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2016

Erdem Moralioglu's lineup was luxurious, romantic and dark, with hints of old-school charm.

Erdem RTW Spring 2016

The collection evoked Victoriana, focusing almost exclusively on long dresses.

Erdem Resort 2016

Erdem Moralioglu channeled buttoned-up Victorian dressing through a youthful Sixties lens for a feminine…

Erdem RTW Fall 2015

The designer tempered the opulence of his fit-and-flare dresses in metallic jacquard by showing the fabric’s…

Erdem Pre-Fall 2015

Of the slew of references Erdem Moralioglu worked with for pre-fall, showing for the first time in New York…

Erdem RTW Spring 2015

British biologist and explorer Marianne North was a key reference, which explains the strict, Victorian…

Erdem Resort 2015

The designer punctuated his feminine designs with a clutch of clean, androgynous silhouettes.

Erdem RTW Fall 2014

The designer gave rich baroque fabrics and embellishments — guipure lace, velvet, Chinoiserie satin — a…

Erdem Pre-Fall 2014

Erdem Moralioglu took unexpected fabrics and melded them together in silhouettes that ran from prim to…