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Erika Cavallini Pre-Fall 2019

Michelangelo Antonioni's "Deserto Rosso" movie served as starting point for Erika Cavallini to design her…

Erika Cavallini RTW Spring 2019

A Mediterranean sensuality infused the designer's spring collection.

Erika Cavallini Resort 2019

Erika Cavallini developed a effortless, relaxed lineup inspired the countryside.

Erika Cavallini RTW Fall 2018

The designer played with layering, distressed details and deliberately wrong proportions for her urban…

Erika Cavallini Pre-Fall 2018

Seventies' French film "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" inspired the lineup focused on rigorous…

Erika Cavallini RTW Spring 2018

Erika Cavallini worked on feminine and masculine contrasts.

Erika Cavallini Resort 2018

Sartorial elements were introduced in this collection celebrating an effortless elegance.

Erika Cavallini RTW Fall 2017

The designer delivered a fantasy spin on Eighties power dressing with oversized tailoring, deconstruction and…

Erika Cavallini Pre-Fall 2017

Classic British aesthetics and textile traditions inspired this collection infused with an eccentric touch.

Erika Cavallini RTW Spring 2017

Hyper-feminine pieces were juxtaposed with sartorial design in this collection, including both romantic and…

Erika Cavallini Resort 2017

Erika Cavallini looked at masculine, feminine, , romantic and utilitarian looks for resort.

Erika Cavallini RTW Fall 2016

"The inspiration is that there is no inspiration," said Erika Cavallini, who instead opted to deconstruct and…

Erika Cavallini RTW Spring 2016

Erika Cavallini channeled organic minimalism, giving everyday items the raw and relaxed — but upscale…