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Ernest W. Baker Men’s Spring 2023

Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are fans of the brand, which presents a collection borrowed from the most…

Ernest W. Baker Men’s Fall 2022

Reid Baker and Ines Amorim doubled down on their vintage-inspired cinematic silhouettes.

Ernest W. Baker Men’s Spring 2022

Reid Baker and Ines Amorim added playful touches to their wistful cinematic wardrobe.

Ernest W. Baker Men’s Fall 2021

Reid Baker and Ines Amorim combined a surreal sense of drama with commercial appeal.

Ernest W. Baker Men’s Spring 2021

Making the case for sharp dressing, Ines Amorim and Reid Baker offered an immaculate lineup of prep-school…

Ernest W. Baker Men’s Fall 2020

Reid Baker and Ines Amorim dreamt up a glam-elegant Seventies male wardrobe working equally well for…