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Escada Resort 2021

Designer Emma Cook's vision of the Escada woman is sexy and cool, empowered yet relaxed.

Escada RTW Fall 2020

Emma Cook's first collection focused on elevating Escada's house codes of tailoring, evening and shearling.

Escada RTW Fall 2019

Niall Sloan channeled the message that women should not be confined by stereotypes of beauty.

Escada RTW Spring 2019

Niall Sloan channeled the brand's amusing beginning and archives into a collection underscored by ease.

Escada Resort 2019

Niall Sloan looked to the night sky for inspiration in ways ranging literal to abstract.

Escada RTW Fall 2018

Niall Sloan launched a strong collection, balancing the quieter side of power dressing against bold color and…

Escada RTW Pre-Fall 2018

The collection was a mix of classic men's wear-inspired items with bold, signature prints.

Escada Spring 2018

A focus on bold, unusual colors got unwieldy at times.

Escada Resort 2018

Isabella Rossellini was the seasonal muse.

Escada RTW Fall 2017

Escada's fall lineup was divided into modernized Hitchcock ladies and chic executives.

Escada Pre-Fall 2017

Perpetually polished Hitchcock women were an appropriate inspiration for the pre-fall collection.

Escada RTW Spring 2017

In this collection inspired by Africa, the focus was on handcrafted details rather than tribal prints.

Escada Resort 2017

David Hockney's pool paintings inspired the lineup.

Escada RTW Fall 2016

Daniel Wingate reiterated Escada's premise as a "sporty luxury" house with a fall collection focused on…

Escada Pre-Fall 2016

Artist Aleksandra Ekster inspired the Escada pre-fall collection.