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Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2023

The company revamped its brand identity, while its easy-to-approach designs continue to resonate with a…

Fabiana Filippi RTW Fall 2022

The brand's discreet and sober elegance got a friskier twist.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2022

The brand presented a wide, impeccably executed collection, combining feminine, romantic accents and…

Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2021

Organic cotton took center stage in this chic and youthful collection.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Fall 2020

The brand played with current trends to give a twist to its signature effortless chic elegance.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2020

Inspired by a journey through nature, Fabiana Filippi introduced new textures and colors for a sophisticated…

Fabiana Filippi Resort 2020

For the resort season, an emphasis on suiting with a fresh palette and new materials gave the refined Fabiana…

Fabiana Filippi RTW Fall 2019

The company focused on an extensive fabric research to update its offering with special effects.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2019

The collection exuded a sense of discreet, luxurious minimalism.

Fabiana Filippi Resort 2019

Shimmering effects gave a precious, luxurious feel to the brand's first pre-collection.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Fall 2018

The brand expanded its offer with loungewear and pieces for special occasions.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2018

Luxurious fabrics and special details contributed to the easy elegance of this collection.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Fall 2017

Sophisticated details added an edge to Fabiana Filippi's signature discreet elegance and superior…

Fabiana Filippi RTW Spring 2017

Bright colors gave a twist to the collection's minimal designs infused with a discreet elegance.

Fabiana Filippi RTW Fall 2016

Fabiana Filippi introduced a masculine feel in its fall lineup, which clearly reflected the refined casual…