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Facetasm RTW Spring 2023

Hiromichi Ochiai offered packable solutions for on-the-go wear.

Facetasm RTW Fall 2022

Hiromichi Ochiai seemed to offer a commentary on the disenchantment of youth.

Facetasm Men’s Spring 2022

Hiromichi Ochiai showed oversized pieces with lived-in details that maintained a casual elegance.

Facetasm RTW and Men’s Spring 2021

Hiromichi Ochiai was inspired by his young son's drawings to bring positivity to people during a difficult…

Facetasm Men’s Spring 2021

Hiromichi Ochiai wanted to invoke memories, transforming familiar forms with his distinctive patchwork…

Facetasm Men’s Fall 2020

Hiromichi Ochiai paid tribute to diversity with a collection that was both streetwise and sensitive.

Facetasm Men’s Spring 2020

Hiromichi Ochiai usurped the familiar with his genderless, romantic splicing of sportswear and tailoring.

Facetasm Men’s Fall 2019

Hiromichi Ochiai cast a spell with his asymmetric sportswear.

Facetasm Men’s Spring 2019

Hiromichi Ochiai layered traditional tailoring fabrics, colorful guipure and usurped sporty staples in a…

Facetasm Men’s Fall 2018

Hiromichi Ochiai channeled the emotions this season with a collection in which he harked back to the feelings…

Facetasm Men’s Spring 2018

Reincarnations of the tux were among the key items in a lineup focused on the label's signature fusions of…

Facetasm Men’s Fall 2017

The designer's signature layered-up looks nodded to the multifaceted nature of man.

Facetasm RTW Spring 2017

Hiromichi Ochiai showed that his juxtaposition of tailoring with sportswear references and surprising details…

Facetasm Men’s Spring 2017

Hiromichi Ochiai sent down his first Paris runway a directional collection.

Facetasm RTW Spring 2016

Beyond his models' dramatic windswept hair and white face makeup, Hiromichi Ochiai offered a visually…