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Facetasm Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Walking the line between street and sophisticated is never easy, but designer Hiromichi Ochiai managed it…

Facetasm RTW Fall 2015

Closing Tokyo fashion week, Facestasm delivered a high-energy show featuring creative takes on tailoring and…

Facetasm RTW Spring 2015

Hiromichi Ochiai’s Facetasm show was one of the most highly anticipated of the week.

Facetasm RTW Fall 2014

Hiromichi Ochiai used a variety of dramatic, contrasting textures to create intricate, often asymmetric…

Facetasm RTW Spring 2014

Hiromichi Ochiai staged a unisex show that worked an edgy mix of creative layering and geometric prints.

Facetasm RTW Fall 2013

Hiromichi Ochiai showed a collection of outdoorsy pieces for men and women, which were heavy on tweed and…

Facetasm RTW Spring 2013

Designer Hiromichi Ochiai turned out a futuristic collection that played with layering and contrasting fabric…

Facetasm RTW Fall 2012

Hiromichi Ochiai turned out a street-smart collection full of plaid and animal prints for fall.

Facetasm RTW Spring 2012

Hiromichi Ochiai showed a colorful, fun spring collection for both sexes.