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Faith Connexion RTW Fall 2021

Subversive 1990s warehouse party for his and her is the brand's fall look.

Faith Connexion RTW Spring 2021

Viva Las Vegas! Faith Connexion's co-creative directors Alexandre Bertrand and Myriam Bensaid mixed and…

Faith Connexion RTW Fall 2020

In the wake of the departure of Nikola Vasari in early 2020, Faith Connexion has gone back to its roots as a…

Faith Connexion RTW Spring 2020

Creative director Nikola Vasari broadened the brand's horizons with less gilded, cleaner silhouettes fit for…

Faith Connexion RTW Fall 2019

Nikola Vasari sent out a focused lineup peppered with glam references for his first full collection as…

Faith Connexion RTW Spring 2019

New creative director Nikola Vasari flexed his creative muscles as Faith Connexion moves into a new era.

Faith Connexion Men’s Spring 2019

Faith Connexion went in a new, more poetic direction with a pastel-tinged collection that softened up its…

Faith Connexion RTW Fall 2018

The collaborative label put its unique spin on red carpet looks and vintage inspirations for fall, with…

Faith Connexion Men’s Fall 2018

Faith Connexion chose to refocus for fall, reworking past favorites as the brand continues to grow.

Faith Connexion RTW Spring 2018

The collaborative label moved further into sportswear territory this season with a streetwise message that…

Faith Connexion Men’s Spring 2018

The brand worked with artist Austin Blaisdell and designer Stefan Cooke on the collection.

Faith Connexion Fall 2017

In its first runway show, the punk-infused streetwear brand drove home its decadent DNA.

Faith Connexion RTW Spring 2017

The ubercool Parisian design collective, which has built a strong following for its unorthodox punk…

Faith Connexion Men’s Spring 2017

Riffing on the growing popularity of personalization in fashion, Faith Connexion took its heavily distressed…

Faith Connexion RTW Fall 2016

There was an elevated sense of discovery permeating this high-energy, high mash-up collection.