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Fashion East RTW Fall 2022

Jawara Alleyne used safety pins to create patterns and structures, Chet Lo took his girls to the Swiss Alps…

Fashion East RTW Spring 2022

Fashion East welcomed two newcomers, Jawara Alleyne and Chet Lo, while Maximilian closed the show with Naomi…

Fashion East RTW Fall 2021

Lineup this season included Maximilian Davis, Nensi Dojaka, Goom and newcomers Jawara Alleyne, and…

Fashion East RTW Spring 2021

Goomheo, Nensi Dojaka, Saul Nash and new addition Maximilian Davis showcased their collections via films.

Fashion East RTW Fall 2020

Saul Nash delivered the most compelling part of the show with a dance performance and some highly desirable…

Fashion East RTW Spring 2020

This edition of Fashion East featured Ancuta Sarca, Gareth Wrighton and Yuhan Wang.

Fashion East Men’s Spring 2020

Saul Nash, Robyn Lynch and Mowalola showed the full spectrum of men's wear design from sportswear to retro…

Fashion East RTW Fall 2019

This was one of the most polished outings from Lulu Kennedy's Fashion East showcase in recent seasons.

Fashion East Men’s Fall 2019

A wide spectrum of references and aesthetics came together on the Fashion East catwalk.

Fashion East RTW Spring 2019

Charlotte Knowles, Yuhan Wang and A Sai Ta presented a series of experimental and whimsical designs.

Fashion East RTW Fall 2018

The four designers showed big ideas and nuanced cross-cultural references.

Fashion East RTW Spring 2018

An experimental, cross-cultural and playful approach wove through these emerging designers' collections.

Fashion East RTW Fall 2017

Lulu Kennedy's coterie of emerging talent provided a rich offering of imaginative and experimental clothes.

Fashion East Men’s Fall 2017

The labels Art School and Rottingdean Bazaar telegraphed radically different moods, and probed the outer…

Fashion East RTW Spring 2017

A experimental, highly decorated — and above all, imaginative — spirit continues to reign at Fashion…