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Faustine Steinmetz RTW Fall 2018

For fall, Faustine Steinmetz continues to remixes iconic staples.

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Spring 2018

For Steinmetz's first foray on the runway, the Parisian-born designer focused on reworking classic wardrobe…

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Fall 2017

Steinmetz took a trip for fall, looking at how people around the world wear their jeans.

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Spring 2017

This season, Steinmetz said she wanted to explore denim "as a medium, rather than just a piece of clothing."

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Fall 2016

The designer hand embroidered cotton yarn and sculpted it to create three-dimensional, tufted weaves for…

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Spring 2016

The designer's labor-intensive creations, displayed on models partially embedded in walls at the Institute of…

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Fall 2015

Faustine Steinmetz, who is shortlisted for the LMVH Prize, presented her collection of intricate denim and…

Faustine Steinmetz RTW Spring 2015

The designer’s debut London Fashion Week presentation featured pieces made from recycled denim jeans and…