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Feng Chen Wang Men’s Spring 2023

The Shanghai-based designer gave Paris a taste of her tailoring, more knitwear and a teaser of her upcoming…

Feng Chen Wang RTW Fall 2022

The rich and shimmering color scheme of the collection drew inspiration from the centuries-old technique of…

Feng Chen Wang Men’s Fall 2020

The designer cleverly utilizes her Chinese heritage and medical practice, and brings sustainability to the…

Feng Chen Wang Men’s Spring 2020

A homecoming trip had her reconnect with her grandma, her hometown and traditional craftsmanships she grew up…

Feng Chen Wang Men’s Fall 2019

Wang showed off her creative range with new silhouettes and prints in her debut London show.

Feng Chen Wang Men’s Spring 2019

Feng Chen Wang was guided by the word "half" and what that means for human connection.

Feng Chen Wang Men’s Fall 2018

Wang explores what home means to her for her fall collection.

Feng Chen Wang Men’s Spring 2018

This season, the designer wanted to take the negative connotation out of the Made in China label.