Flagpole Swim

Flagpole Cruise 2018

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Flagpole Resort 2018

Flagpole’s resort collection made a case that signature swimsuits in an updated colorway, paired with stunning visuals, make for a fresh collection.

clock May 19, 2017Emily Mercer

Flagpole RTW Spring 2017

Fashion Show Reviews

Flagpole RTW Spring 2017

Designers Jaime Barker and Megan Balch introduced athletic apparel alongside swim and ready-to-wear.

clock September 15, 2016Andrew Shang

Flagpole Resort 2017

Fashion Show Reviews

Flagpole Resort 2017

Mango yellows and blues dominated the collection.

clock June 8, 2016Mayte Allende

Flagpole RTW Spring 2016

Fashion Show Reviews

Flagpole Swim Spring 2016

Flagpole Swim made its New York Fashion Week debut with a collection that was sexy, functional and full of terrific visuals.

clock September 9, 2015Bobbi Queen



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