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Foo and Foo RTW Fall 2023

Elizabeth Hilfiger melded elements of her preppy childhood vacations with cool, distressed basics.

Foo and Foo RTW Spring 2022

Elizabeth Hilfiger's mash-up of new sustainable streetwear styles for Foo and Foo continued the brand's…

Foo and Foo Men’s Fall 2020

Elizabeth Hilfiger's collection pushed the sustainability barrier — and was also a lot of fun.

Foo and Foo Men’s Spring 2020

In an era of ultimate self-expression, Elizabeth Hilfiger's playful, versatile streetwear was right on point.

Foo and Foo RTW Fall 2019

Elizabeth Hilfiger's latest collection for her inventive and interactive streetwear line Foo and Foo riffed…

Foo and Foo RTW Spring 2019

Elizabeth Hilfiger's spring collection for Foo and Foo played on her first two and evolved them into a new…

Foo and Foo RTW Fall 2018

Elizabeth Hilfiger took us back to school, "Foo School," for her NYFW debut.