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Frame RTW Spring 2017

Lauren Hutton served as muse for this versatile, effortlessly cool collection.

Frame Denim RTW Fall 2016

Frame Denim wants to be more than a denim label.

Frame Denim RTW Spring 2016

Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson's muse for their spring Frame Denim collection was an American girl in the…

Frame Denim RTW Fall 2015

It’s a crossroads all cool denim labels face: Evolve beyond jeans or risk irrelevance.

Frame Denim RTW Spring 2015

Nico Peyrache presents an all-white collection for a new lifestyle aesthetic.

Frame Denim RTW Fall 2014

While the line is rooted in denim, Jens Grede, along with Erik Torstensson and Nico Peyrache, added a few…

Frame Denim RTW Spring 2014

The 70-style collection featured great fits and modern trend items.