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For Restless Sleepers RTW Spring 2020

Francesca Ruffini Stoppani presented a concise, elegant collection focused on hand-drawn silk scarves.

F.R.S. RTW Fall 2019

Francesca Ruffini Stoppani employed heavier, warmer fabrics and new silhouettes to take her label to the next…

F.R.S. RTW Spring 2019

A trip into the Eastern world served as inspiration for Francesca Ruffini's elegant collection.

F.R.S. RTW Fall 2018

Francesca Stoppini Ruffini extended her offering to hyper-chic night gowns worked in opulent patterns.

F.R.S. RTW Spring 2018

Francesca Ruffini Stoppani played with an array of rich patterns and precious details for her chic…

FRS RTW Fall 2017

Francesca Ruffini got inspired by the atmosphere of Russian 19th century's novels for her elegant fall…

FRS RTW Fall 2016

Francesca Ruffini's pajama collection featured prints ranging from leaves and Native American-inspired prints…