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Fumito Ganryu Men’s Spring 2023

The Japanese designer aimed to create balance with a mix of fashion and function, and bold and neutral colors.

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Fall 2022

Based on the concept of homeostasis, the philosophical designer aimed to create equilibrium between…

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Spring 2022

The designer merged unconventional, functional fabrics with elegant and versatile silhouettes.

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Fall 2021

The Japanese designer created versatile pieces that work together to form endless styling possibilities.

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Spring 2021

The designer proved that quiet streetwear looks just as good at home, and around the yard.

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Spring 2020

The Japanese designer looked towards issues of National Geographic magazine and pictures taken by drones to…

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Fall 2019

For his debut show in Paris, Fumito Ganryu went back to basics - as in the kind of clothes that can be found…

Fumito Ganryu Men’s Spring 2019

The designer said the aim was to "create clothing that caters to the 21st century, and that fosters a…