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Gauchere RTW Fall 2022

Despite feeling uncertain about the world, Marie-Christine Statz proved her acute vision once more.

Gauchere RTW Spring 2022

Marie-Christine Statz questioned women's ambiguous relationship with clothing, playing with masculine and…

Gauchere RTW Fall 2021

Marie-Christine Statz channeled a sense of comfort within her distinctive architectural universe.

Gauchere RTW Spring 2021

For Marie-Christine Statz, showing a little vulnerability was a sign of strength.

Gauchere RTW Fall 2020

Marie-Christine Statz sent out a tribute to Brutalist architecture that was true to form.

Gauchère RTW Spring 2020

Marie-Christine Statz took cues from Neo-Concrete Brazilian artist Lygia Clark for her masculine-feminine…

Gauchère RTW Fall 2019

Marie-Christine Statz had in mind the minimal art and design movement of the Sixties for this collection.

Gauchère RTW Spring 2019

Inspired by the undulating shapes of the desert, Marie-Christine Statz played on proportion and contrasts.

Gauchère RTW Fall 2018

Marie-Christine Statz took a deconstructivist stance for fall.

Gauchère RTW Spring 2018

Marie-Christine Statz built on her tradition of crafting suits with an engaging masculine-feminine blend.

Gauchère RTW Fall 2017

The collection took a cue from women pilots and racers in the Thirties and Forties.

Gauchère RTW Spring 2017

Yet with its vivid color and crisp — or gauzy — fabrics, the overriding impression of this collection was…

Gauchère RTW Fall 2016

Marie-Christine Statz played with new levels of transparency in her fall 2016 collection, intending to…

Gauchère RTW Spring 2016

Always inspired by architecture, Marie-Christine Statz has evolved Gauchère's graphic silhouettes into a more…

Gauchère RTW Fall 2015

Marie-Christine Statz chose a darker path for fall. A boyish, military bent permeated the collection…