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GCDS RTW Spring 2023

Giuliano Calza celebrates acceptance as its future hangs in Italy's political balance.

GCDS RTW Fall 2022

Giuliano Calza put a fantasy, fetishy spin on the gothic Dracula tale.

GCDS RTW Spring 2022

This beachy bright collection, full of raffia, jangly jewelry and hand crochet, was a salute to summer.

GCDS RTW Fall 2021

High off investment from the Made in Italy Fund, perhaps, GCDS designer Giuliano Calza takes viewers on an…

GCDS RTW Spring 2021

Giuliano Calza put his own spin on the digital show, with busty artificial human models, realistic digitized…

GCDS RTW Fall 2020

Less street and more sweet, Justin-and-Britney, Chiara-and-Fedez romantic.

GCDS RTW Spring 2020

Giuliano Calza showed a collection with a little something for everyone, if you're committed to showing off.

GCDS RTW Fall 2019

Giuliano Calza housed his collection in a makeshift palazzo, sending pink-clad ladies-of-the-manor bouncing…

GCDS RTW Spring 2019

There were some heavy concepts underpinning this punchy, neon-bright collection.

GCDS Men’s Fall 2018

The characteristically playful collection featured a collaboration with Disney.

GCDS RTW Spring 2018

Giuliano Calza imagined a GCDS yachting club for the brand's New York debut.

GCDS Men’s Spring 2018

Fishing industry workwear served as the inspiration for the line's fun streetwear basics.