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General Idea Men’s Spring 2018

The designer offered a modern interpretation of hippie culture.

General Idea Men’s Fall 2017

After several seasons of outlandish collections, General Idea designer Bumsuk Choi presented a refreshing and…

General Idea Men’s RTW Spring 2016

General Idea lightened things up this season, but the brand's propensity for playing with proportions…

General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Designer Bumsuk Choi presented a lineup that managed to remain playful while still maintaining the minimal…

General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The designer showed a darkly collegiate lineup that used pinstripes and v-neck knits to create the mood.

General Idea Men’s RTW Spring 2015

General Idea's Bumsuk Choi was inspired by the brutalism of architecture and expression of materiality.

General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Bumsuk Choi's collection was filled with innovative use of textures and layering.

General Idea Men’s RTW Spring 2014

For his tenth season, Bumsuk Choi presented his collection inspired by cars, shown at the Classic Car Club.

General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Designer Bumsuk Choi presented a fresh and athletic inspired collection with a play on proportions and…

General Idea Men’s RTW Spring 2013

In his latest collection titled "The Last Lumberjack," designer Bumsuk Choi delivered a tough yet fun lineup.

General Idea Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Bumsuk Choi’s collection balanced classic men’s wear with streetwear elements.

General Idea Men’s Spring 2012

Beach Boys was the theme at General Idea, toning down the classic geometric prints the industry has come to…

General Idea Men’s RTW Spring 2011

Designer Bumsuk Choi presented some interesting interpretations of cobweb sweaters, updated varsity jackets…

General Idea RTW Spring 2010

If you were looking for a men’s sleeveless trenchcoat-cum-jumpsuit to round out your wardrobe, then General…