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Genny RTW Spring 2023

Sara Cavazza Facchini was in her element this season homing in on sensuality.

Genny RTW Spring 2021

As a good omen for next spring, Sara Cavazza Facchini channeled the Dolce Vita and the Sixties in bon ton…

Genny RTW Fall 2020

The brand has left its Italian showgirl image in the dust.

Genny RTW Spring 2020

Sara Cavazza Facchini eschewed her glittering, curve-hugging silhouettes for more sober — and sophisticated…

Genny RTW Fall 2019

Sara Cavazza Facchini was thinking of snow queens and silent, nighttime forests for this romantic collection…

Genny RTW Spring 2019

Sara Cavazza Facchini played with fluid fabrics and transparencies for this upbeat collection.

Genny RTW Fall 2018

Sara Cavazza Facchini has never been one to shy away from sparkle — and a slinky silhouette.

Genny RTW Spring 2018

There's no business like show business, and artistic director Sara Cavazza knows that well.

Genny RTW Fall 2017

Sara Cavazza drew inspiration from the Eighties for her collection, which featured stirrup pants, shoulder…

Genny RTW Spring 2017

Iridescent fabrics and shades of lavender, ivory and silver made Sara Cavazza Facchini's collection feel like…

Genny RTW Fall 2016

Creative director Sara Cavazza delivered an evening-focused collection, filled with shimmering, sparkling…

Genny RTW Spring 2016

Creative director Sara Cavazza's spring collection for the label was inspired by the Art Deco movement.

Genny RTW Fall 2015

Genny's fall collection was inspired by the opulent atmosphere and iconography of Ancient Egypt.

Genny RTW Spring 2015

Sara Cavazza Facchini was going for gold with her spring collection for Genny, which was shot through with…

Genny RTW Fall 2014

Sara Cavazza Facchini was aiming for a regal vibe with her sophomore collection.