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Georgine RTW Fall 2017

Short party dresses and great outerwear were the formula for Georgine's fall collection.

Georgine RTW Spring 2017

The takeaway: Daughter raids mother's closet for a collection that was a play on downtown-meets-uptown.

Georgine RTW Fall 2016

Georgine Ratelband delivered an ultrafeminine collection ranging from chic daywear options to sexy evening…

Georgine RTW Spring 2016

Using color-blocked spandex, Georgine Ratelband took a nontraditional approach to eveningwear for spring.

Georgine RTW Fall 2015

The collection could have been taken straight off the dance floor at Studio 54

Georgine RTW Fall 2014

Georgine Ratelband infused her collection with a feminine, luxurious feel.